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Wizz at 65 tour

It was Wizz's 65th birthday in 2004!
Wizz and Simeon celebrated with a series of special gigs,
guaranteed to bring it all flooding back......


April 23rd 2004 LONDON    

Thanks to everyone who came down and made this
night such a special event (and a sell out!)

Check out Colin Harper's rather flattering review...

....Old friends gathered in London at The Half Moon Pub in Putney on Wizz's birthday to celebrate his remarkable career, a popularity rollercoaster that just goes on and on...

A multimedia retrospective,
with special guest appearances

Ralph McTell, Steve Tilston, Jacqui McShee
Pete Stanley, Gary Rickard,

July 29-31st 2004 CORNWALL    

Once again thanks to everyone that took part in the
July Weekender... the sun was out, and so were lots of old friends.
All the gigs were a great success, and lots of fun.

Wizz's annual trip to his spiritual home was extra special this year. Wizz descended upon Cornwall in the late 50's as part of a dischevelled band of 'Skiffle Gipsies'. His infamous appearance with Alan Whicker on the BBC TV "Tonight" programme in 1960 captured the mood perfectly.

Over the last 40 years Wizz has gained a reputation of being one of the most popular artists to play on the Cornish folk circuit.

September 11th 2004 CORNWALL    

The St Ives festival was, as usual, a wonderful event and it was a privilege to be there. The Arts Club is a friendly little venue with a great vibe. We managed to get the the big screen up and running, and everyone had a good laugh at my expense once again. Thanks for coming!

 St Ives Fringe Festival 2004

Wizz in his hey day...


Hector's Hause